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Kaladé OG Kit

Kaladé OG Kit

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Kaladé Headband — Blue

Bestie, meet the OG Kit – your new skincare ride or die! Packed with everything you need to keep that skin glowing, hydrated, and oh-so-fresh, it's like a skincare sleepover party in a box. Let's dive into whats included:

IYKYK Daily Moisturiser: It's your day-in, day-out BFF that keeps your skin hydrated, happy, and soft. Because, you know, if you know, you know!

HYDRATION ERA Body Lotion: Welcome to the era of unstoppable moisture. This body lotion isn’t just a phase; it’s a full-on movement towards silky, smooth skin that lasts all day.

GLOW UP Face Oil: Get ready to hit that glow button! This face oil is all about bringing out your natural radiance. A few drops and you're not just glowing; you're literally lighting up the room.

CEO OF CLEANSER: The boss of all cleansers and your skin's new best friend. Gentle, effective, and ready to kickstart your glow-up journey with a clean slate.

You will also receive a limited edition head band (blue), car air freshener and stickers. Grab the OG Kit and let's turn those skincare routines into rituals.

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