Hey Besties, here’s my morning and night routine. You can use it if you like or make up your own. Either way I know our products will fit your routine.

I wake up most mornings with mum or dad getting me up to start homeschool. I head downstairs, have breakfast while watching Beta Squad or something else on YouTube then jump in the shower. I cleanse my face in the shower using Kalade CEO of Cleanser. After my shower I always start with IYKYK Daily moisturiser. I don’t put on any make up unless I’m going out somewhere but most days I’m just homeschooling so no makeup. After I’ve moisturised my face. I get dressed and start homeschool. My dad then usually asks me if I’ve moisturised my body because my arms and legs will look dry. I say no because I always forget. Then I use the Hydration Era body moisturiser for my body. It works really well to keep my body moisturised all day plus it keeps dad off my back.

At night time it starts with mum and dad nagging me again to get off the computer as I’m usually playing Fortnite with my friends. I then head into the shower and cleanse with CEO of Cleanser again like I did in the morning. Once I’m finished in the shower I use the IYKYK facial moisturiser and finish off with Glow Up face oil 😎. Then I go have dinner, read a book or watch some YouTube then I head to bed.

Can’t wait to hear how you use our products in your routines.

Love you guys Deja xx 🫶🏾