Hey besties, mum told me I have to write you up a morning and night time routine so here it is!

I wake up super early to watch the sunrise at the beach most mornings. I love starting my day by the ocean, there is something so calming about it. Once I get back home, I cleanse my face with the CEO of cleanser, moisturise my face with IYKYK Daily Moisturiser and moisturise my entire body with Hydration Era. Growing up I noticed because I had a darker skin completion than most my friends it was a lot more noticeable if I had dry skin so moisturising everyday is something I have been doing since I was a little girl!

Winding down for the day is pretty much the same except I add Glow up oil to dryer areas of my body like my knees, elbows and my neck. My mum always tells me to look after my neck. I don’t use oil on my face that much unless im needing an extra boost of hydration so maybe like once a month I add Glow up oil as a treat for my skin!

Hope you love Kalade as much as I do!!